So you want to learn GraphQL?

That's great! When you ask around about how to learn GraphQL, people tend to give you two (not very helpful) answers: "Try it out" or read the docs. But it's not always that simple.

Before you dive into the GraphQL, here are some sites we recommend bookmarking:

Official GraphQL Documentation

When learning a new technology, it may seem intuitive to go and try to read through all of the documentation. We wouldn't recommend this for GraphQL, but having the docs on-hand while you're learning will help if you get stuck on a particular concept and want to reference the source.

Apollo's GraphQL Glossary

The GraphQL community tends to use a lot of jargon when explaining concepts and it's easy to feel discouraged when these terms are unexplained. This resource from Apollo is a comprehensive list of important GraphQL words and acronyms.

GraphiQL Repo

Many GraphQL tutorials or API docs will send you to an interactive, in-browser GraphQL IDE called GraphiQL. It's a great way to experiment with crafting GraphQL queries, but it can be hard to know what to do if you land on the blank page. Referencing the repo can help you understand what how GraphiQL can help your learning.

All good?